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Hawthorne’s Dark Romanticism

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, entitled “Drowne’s Wooden Image,” he writes of how an artist’s own intense creativity achieves a wonder of fulfillment in one specific object of his work. However, his inspiration for greatness lasts only this once due to its most precarious source. It is derived from the artist’s own intense affection, having, as its object, the unattainable love of a beautiful foreign princess who poses for him while dressed in the shimmering fashion of royalty. When the love he wishes for, kindled by the closeness of her presence, is lost with her departure to a distant shore, the coming disappointment drowns his creativity.

Drowne’s Wooden Image

Roger Malvin’s Burial, a promise given at a most somber time and what comes of it. The tragedy that fate brings on top of it.

Egotism & the Banquet, two short stories with Roderick & Rosina Elliston: Egotism, or the Bosom-serpent; and, The Christmas Banquet.

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